• Strategic Project Portfolio Management

    „Live management of my project portfolio with the Can Do software:
    Clear, Powerful and Efficient“

    Strategic Project Portfolio Management

    - control, manage and monitor project portfolios
    - live management: all information in real-time
    - integrated risk management
    - visualization via bubble charts

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  • Comprehensive Resource Management

    „Just ONE software for the personnel planning for projects and
    the professional activity in the operating departments.“

    Comprehensive Resource Management

    - optimized deployment
    - multi resource management
    - dynamic capacity balance method
    - overload warning in real-time
    - process of coordination between project and line

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  • Realistic Planning

    „Finally a software that makes a realistic planning possible. Many
    data cannot be determined exactly at the beginning of the project.“

    Software for Realistic Planning

    - realistic planning with inaccurate data and values, e.g. project duration 18-20 months
    - supports agile planning methods
    - graphical user interface & modern ergonomics
    - high user acceptance
    - live management: all informationen in real-time

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  • Professionel Software

    „With the Can Do software I get clarity and
    transparency for my projects.“

    Professional Tool for Project Managers

    - comprehensive resource management and
    multifunctional portfolio management
    - live management: all information in real-time
    - integrated budget management
    - project reports by one click
    - integration of the planning of departments

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  • Optimized Staff Assignment

    „Can Do has developed a dynamic balance method,
    which allows an optimal use of resources.

    Optimized Staff Assignment

    - efficient resource planning
    on employee and department level
    - dynamic balancing method watermodel®
    - working with realistic, inaccurate data and values

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  • Services related to our software

    „We have come to know Can Do as a competent and reliable partner
    who professionally supported us in the rollout of the software.“

    Comprehensive services around our software

    - support in the planning and the implementation of software rollouts
    - project office for a perfect knowledge transfer p
    - customized trainings

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Can Do offers enterprise project management software, consulting services and interim management
for process optimization, implementation and project management.

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Our PM tool supports you in the successful implementation of projects, enables an optimized personnel deployment and allows you to work with realistic data and values.

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We provide consulting and services for project management and process optimization.
We realize entire projects or establish a PMO in your organization.

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Project management interview with Marcel Stekelenburg, Project Manager & Quality Assurance Manager of the Dutch eBay subsidiary Marktplaats.nl about agile projects.

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Interview with Günter König
(former CIO Salzgitter AG)

“All information must be available immediately, that is, in real-time. All other procedures are not timely and are no longer accepted by us.”

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More interviews:

Our project management software can be used without problems in nearly any industry. Find out how our tool has helped companies improve their efficiency and thereby gain business advantages.

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Die Studie „Projektmanagement in der Automobilindustrie - Status quo und Potenziale“ verdeutlichet, dass einerseits die Automobilindustrie die Bedeutung von Projektarbeit und Projektmanagement erkannt hat. Gleichzeitig bescheinigt die Studie, dass Projektmanagement dort noch nicht mit der nötigen Professionalität betrieben wird...

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